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Common Problems of Eyes

Common Eye Problems
108 Eye Clinic
Ophthalmology Department Cures the Suffering of Eye:
108 Eye And wellbeing focus is a multi office medical clinic in Noida, which manages different sorts of sickness and issues which are looked by the people groups. An eye is unquestionably most significant structure of our body and there is a rundown of issues which can be confronted with one identified with the eye.

Issues Which Generally Occur in Eye:

• Cataract: Decrease in the vision of the eye and one of the most widely recognized reasons for visual impairment. Also, is dealt with just through medical procedure. Phacoemulsification with intraocular focal point embed for waterfall.
• Diabetic Retinopathy: This difficult will be commonly be found in the patients who are either experiencing diabetes or is pregnant. Over 80% diabetic patients due face this issue, if they are reliant on insulin.
• Glaucoma: In this optic nerve of the eye is harmed and takes sight abruptly.
• Night visual deficiency: People experiencing night visual impairment for the most part face issue while seeing around evening time particularly while driving.
• Uveitis: This happens when there is aggravation of the uvea. It can even annihilate eye tissue or can cause loss of the eye. Individuals with lower insusceptible framework, who is experiencing AIDS, joint pain or some other illness is probably going to experience the ill effects of uveitis.

Regular Problems of Eyes:

• Treatment of retinal problems and squint medical procedures.
• Refractive medical procedures for nearsightedness and hypermetropia.
• Intraocular laser medical procedures.
• Ocular injury medical procedures.
• Intravitreal infusions.
• Lid/Lacrimal device medical procedures.
• Color visual deficiency
• Cross Eyes
• Lazy Eyes (Commonly in Infact and Children)
• Presbyopia
• Dry eyes
• Conjunctivitis

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