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Children's eyes need to be checked regularly for signs of health conditions. In a vision screening, the child is checked for the presence of eye issues and if needed, asked to visit an eye doctor. This screening can be done by a pediatrician, family physician or an ophthalmologist himself/ herself.

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A infant’s eyes should be tested for basic indicators of health of eyes. The testing may comprise blink and pupil response and red reflux. Red reflux is a test where a red light is shone into the eyes to see if each eye returns a influx. In case of prematurity, an eye doctor should check the baby’s eyes. However, tests should be done to find out if the baby has the condition, If there are signs of eye complaint or a family history of childhood complaint.

In the first year of life, eyes should be tested a alternate time.

Also between 12 and 36 months, normal development of eyes should be checked. A photo screening test may be done that involves a camera taking snaps of your child’s eyes. These snaps are helpful in determining if any issues exist that can lead to lazy eye.

Between 3-5 years of age, the vision and eye alignment testing should be done. As soon as the child can read, visual perceptivity should be checked. There are numerous people who are just about farsighted but can see effects at distance. Utmost of similar children won't need eyeglasses or other form of vision correction. You should have your eye doctor look at your child for presence of misaligned eyes, lazy eye, refractive errors, or another problem related to focusing of the eyes. The treatments for these conditions should begin as soon as possible as it's the most best thing you can do to protect your child’s eyes.

At 5 years of age, visual perceptivity and alignment of eyes should be checked again. Hypermetropia is one of the most common problem that occurs in this age. An eye doctor will examine your child’s eyes for presence of misaligned eyes or symptoms of other eye issues. Children who are witnessing growth hormone remedy should get their eyes tested before and during the treatment.

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