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108 Eye and Health Centre in Noida

If you're checking out the best eye surgical centre in Noida, then look no further than 108 Eye and Health Centre. it's one among the best Eye Hospitals in Noida which has been operating since a few years consisting a team of highly trained professionals with state of the art surgical equipments.

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108 Eye and Health Centre has been recognized together of the best Eye hospital, they has been working within the field of cataract and glaucoma from a few years . THey has extensive experience in Eye Care and Treatment and made a reputation for themself together of the highest Eye Specialist in Noida.

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Basic Eye Check-ups
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Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment
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Squint Treatment at 108 Eye and Health Centre

What is Squint (Strabismus) ?

Squint is a misalignment of the 2 eyes in order that both the eyes aren't looking within the same direction. This misalignment could also be constant, being present throughout the day, or it's going to appear sometimes and therefore the remainder of the time the eyes could also be straight. it had been then called intermittent.

The exact explanation for Squint isn't really known. The movement of every eye is controlled by six muscles. Each of those muscle acts along side its counterpart within the other eye to stay both the eyes aligned properly. A loss of coordination between the muscles of the 2 eyes results in misalignment. 

This misalignment could also be an equivalent altogether directions of gaze, or in some conditions the misalignment could also be more in one direction of gaze, e.g. in Squint thanks to nerve palsy. Sometimes a refractive error hyper metropia (long sight) may cause inward deviation of the attention . Poor vision in an eye fixed due to another disease like prolonged cataract, etc. can also cause the attention to deviate. Therefore it's important altogether the cases of Squint, especially in children, to possess a radical eye check up to rule out the other explanation for loss of vision.

A child would ignore the image coming from the deviated eye, and thus sees just one image. But within the process, he loses the depth perception. This suppression of the image from the deviating eye leads to poor development of vision during this eye, which is understood as Ambylopia or Lazy Eye. Squint in children should never be ignored or it's going to cause permanent damage to the visual apparatus. Since an adult cannot ignore the image from either eye, and thus has diplopia . this will be very annoying and should interfere with work.

Nowadays cataract surgery is performed by a way called phacoemulsification.

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