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Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) develops in childhood and leads to reduced vision in one eye. Amblyopia happens when one eye is employed but the opposite from birth to seven years aged , which leads the brain to prefer the higher eye. Rarely, as a results of a robust glasses prescription, amblyopia may affect both eyes.

Amblyopia are often caused by:

A turn within the eye (a strabismus or squint)
A difference within the glasses prescription between the 2 eyes
An obstacle blocking visual stimulation to the attention , like a droopy eyelid or cataract (cloudy lens); the amblyopia might persist even after the obstacle has been removed

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Glasses can help and will be worn full-time. A patch covering the great eye will stimulate the weaker eye. The length of your time the patch must be worn depends on how bad the vision is and on the age of the kid . If glasses are worn, the patch should be worn under the glasses, but sometimes, when the vision has began to improve, the patch are often worn on the glasses. In some cases, particularly if the kid cannot wear a patch, special eye drops are often wont to blur the vision within the good eye.

Most cases of amblyopia are treatable. However, the success of treatment depends on the initial level of vision your child has within the bad eye, their age and therefore the level of co-operation with treatment. it's vital to detect and treat amblyopia as early as possible to urge the simplest possible vision. If it's not treated, the vision therein eye are going to be permanently impaired, so it vital that you simply try really hard to follow the instructions given by your child’s doctor or consultant.

We know that children don't always understand why they have to hide their good eye and treatment are often difficult. Give many praise when the patch is worn well and be able to distract your child’s attention to stop the patch being achieved . Your consultant is extremely experienced in handling children who have amblyopia and may advise you about completing the treatment reception as effectively as possible.

Amblyopia is most successfully treated before seven years aged . After this, the eyes and brain become too mature to vary . Later attempts to treat are difficult and won't achieve success .

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