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Cataract Surgery at 108 Eye and Health Centre in Noida

Cataract is one among the foremost widely known eye conditions at a worldwide level. Basically, a cataract includes the clouding of the lens. The role of the lens is to assist focus the sunshine beams that get through your eyes so you'll perceive the shapes, pictures, and distances. At the purpose when cataract creates, the lens gets shady and makes vision troublesome. Best Cataract Surgery at 108 Eye and Health Centre in Noida

In spite of the very fact that cataracts may produce for various reasons, the foremost widely known reason is aging. the attention focus (lens) is comprised of water and proteins, which begin to separate once we age. As time passes by and therefore the breakdown procedure seems to be increasingly serious, proteins within the focus structure an overcast bunch and therefore the focus loses its capacity to figure regularly.

Symptoms Of Cataract:
As the condition progresses, you'll find that:

It’s difficult to drive, read, or sit ahead of the TV
You may see that your night-sight possesses worse.
*Twofold vision
*Seeing halos around lights
*Hazy, cloudy, or foggy vision.

Treatment Of Cataract:
Cataract-induced opaqueness within the eyes can only be eliminated by cataract surgery. The lens is replaced with an IOL(intraocular). Cataract surgery is an outpatient method.

Phacoemulsification is a method of surgery of cataracts, which consists of ultrasonic crushing of a cloudy lens, its removal, followed by the installation of a man-made analog – an lens (IOL). Ophthalmologists began to develop and perform this surgical intervention almost four decades ago, within the 70s of the last century. Currently, the tactic is recognized because the most reliable and effective thanks to radically cure cataracts.

Why at 108 Eye and Health Centre in Noida?
The operation is performed on an outpatient basis during a One Day mode.

*Self-Healing – Stitching after surgery isn't necessary.
*No Hospital stay.
*Cataract Specialist Doctors
*Most Modern Equipment & Technology – flawless execution of all stages of the operation and eliminates the likelihood of technical errors.

We use highest quality intraocular lenses (IOL’s) from leading manufacturers. This ensures the minimization of complications and therefore the best acuity after surgery. Such lenses don't require replacement over time and don't have an expiration date.
We Guarantee cataract patients the best result and therefore the return of vision.

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