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Neuro Ophthalmology Treatment In Sector 3 Noida

ISHIHARA'S CHART - In this, numerous outlines are introduced and the patient is approached to recognize the letters or numbers in the graph. 
Outwardly EVOKED POTENTIAL (VEP) - In this test brilliant light or examples of dim and light groups are projected on to the eye. 

The electrical possibilities that are created in the mind because of the light or example are recorded. This gives important data with respect to the useful soundness of the optic nerves and the optic pathways that ordinarily direct these motivations to the cerebrum. 

Neuro Ophthalmology Treatment Sector 3 Noida

CT SCANNING - CT examining is a modernized framework wherein x-beams are utilized to build pictures of meager cuts of tissues permitting point by point assessment of the tissues viable. By controlling the product, the picture quality and detail can be improved. 

Neuro Ophthalmology Treatment In Noida Sector 3

Extra data can be got by infusing a few medications called contrast specialists. CT examining is extremely valuable in the assessment of infections of the circle (hard pen in which the eye is situated) just as certain illnesses of the eye itself. Injury-related issues – particularly the presence of unfamiliar bodies are effortlessly gotten and situated on CT filtering. 

Neuro Ophthalmology Treatment Noida Sector 50

X-ray SCANNING - MRI filtering is an alternate innovation and takes a gander at the tissues in an alternate point of view. Some of the time both CT and MRI filtering might be expected to see a few illnesses. X-ray is particularly valuable in illnesses of the mind that may influence the eye. By utilizing some particular programming, one can even envision the veins of the mind without infusing any medication (MR Angiography). 

FARNSWORTH-MUNSELL 100 HUE TEST : In this, the patient is approached to mastermind a few covers of various shades in their request. The test is done in acceptable enlightenment.

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