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We at 108 Eye and Health Centre, a Super Speciality day- care eye hospital, have grown by leaps and bounds since it was started and still growing with a much advanced zeal, thanks to thousands of satisfied cases.

We aim to deliver quality and comprehensive eye care to all strata of society, at affordable prices.
Our hospital comprises of completely equipped out patient units, a sophisticated state of the art operation theatre, perimetry & laser room, wards and optical unit.

Cataract surgery is the most constantly performed surgical procedure in the world. In conventional phacoemulsification cataract surgery, the surgeon uses hand held instruments to manually create a circular opening in the outer shell of the cataract. Next the surgeon uses ultrasound energy and instruments to break up and remove the cataract. Eventually, the surgeon implants an artificial intraocular lens inside the remaining shell to replace the natural lens.

The end of the surgery is to deliver patients with the best possible post-operative vision. Cataract surgery outcomes are based on planning, managing and performing the surgery and the effective monitoring of the post-operative period.

108 Eye and Health Centre benefit from the most accurate pre-surgical planning suite to ensure the best possible IOL and surgery method choice for your eye

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