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Noida Eye Retina Clinic

A super Speciality Retina Clinic

108 Eye And Health Centre is a super specialty retina care centre dedicated" simply"to the management of posterior segment eye diseases. We specialise in the management of uveitis ( optical inflammation), medical and surgical retinal conditions and optical imaging approaches

Why choose us?
This was one of the toughest spare of the website. How does one justify as to why does one choose them? Also I allowed let me start by asking myself as to what would i be looking for in a doctor/ clinic if i were to consult myself or my loved ones? immediate effects that came to my mind were the doctor should be well good for what he projects, should have reasonable experience in his field, should be approachable and friendly and the clinic should be clean with good ethical and medical practices.

these were exactly the starting points or the stepping stones when we started out. Our working principle was “ to establish ethical medical practice and a centre of excellence for retinal conditions and give the rearmost standard of care with the highest level of efficiency and human touch”

108 Eye And Health Centre isn't the typical “ commercial” hospital. It's further of a warm small cosy clinic with a uncomely and welcoming atmosphere. And this wasn't by accident, but by intent. An important part of patient care is to understand case psychology and supporter fears regarding the treatment, a fact frequently overlooked in busy hospitals. 

At 108 Eye And Health Centre, special emphasis is laid on allaying the patient’s anxiety/ fears as soon as the patient walks in. the entire inflow from when the patient walks in till the patient walks out is streamlined keeping the case’s comfort and stress in mind. We firmly believe that the patient may or may not get treated by us as they've the full right to choose their doctors, but if the patient goes back from the clinic without understanding their complaint or as scared as they walked in, also it would be a failure in our part.

small in size, big on performance
108 Eye And Health Centre is completely equipped with all the ultramodern types of equipment that one could expect from any state of the art retina clinic. From simple retinal diagnostics to the most retinal surgeries, you name it and we've it. Unlike a huge commercial, there are no long queues for registration as patients are taken on a rigorously‘ appointment only’ basis, so that no patient wastes time.

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