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Why Dry Eyes?
Adequate quality and quantity of tears in the eyes is essential for smooth feeling and functioning of the eyes.

The Dry eye syndrome is the change in quality or quantity of the three layers of the tear film – Oily ( exterior), water/ waterless subcaste ( middle) and protein ( inner).

Commonest cause of dry eyes are the air conditioners. The artificial air and temperature change caused by the air conditioners can cause changes and effect from the largest organ of the body, the skin, to the immune system, to the most delicate organ the eyes. 

The extreme loss of moisture and resultant dryness in the air around us especially in low temperature settings in AC, causes more evaporation from the watery subcaste of tear film, causing evaporative dry eyes and latterly, long term exposure to such AC can also alter the lipid production from glands in the eyelids causing both change in quality and volume of tear film and hence dry eyes.

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The tears have antimicrobial functions and in dry eyes, when there's no acceptable lubrication, the eyes are also more vulnerable to inflammation and infections which could lead to drop in vision.

Major symptoms of dry eyes
Symptoms of dry eyes and dry eye syndrome can be Burning, dryness, grittiness, Itchiness, Paining sensations, Heaviness, watering from the eyes and blurred vision. The reading speed can slow down for dry eyes and the rate decreases as the severity increases.

Tips to prevent dry eyes
*Try to minimize and decrease the number of hours of using air- conditioned apartments, setting of AC temperature around 23 degree C and above is recommended.
*Avoid sitting with your face facing air conditioners thereby preventing eyes being directly exposed to air from air- conditioners.
*Place a small open bowl of fresh water in the corner of the room you sit with the air conditioner to maintain moisture of the room, thereby preventing dry skin and dry eyes.
*Drink enough liquids over a day
*Frequent conscious blinking when using computer or mobile phones which will help in appropriate distribution of tear film.
*Have a traditional 7 – 8 hours of sleep which will give adequate rest to eyes.
*Consider wearing sun spectacles or protective eye wears.

Reach out to your eye doctor at 108 Eye and Health Centre to diagnose the cause for your dry eyes, and follow recommendations and prescriptions from the Eye doctor on eye medications like lubricants, and/ or antibiotics and/ or anti-inflammatory eye drops and other in- office procedures which could help your body create and secrete further tears and better quality of tears and to decrease eye irritation and inflammation.

Still, people would also develop eye infections, If precautionary methods aren't followed to prevent Dry eyes. In case of undressed dry eyes, as severity and duration of dry eyes increase, patients might develop damage to corneal surface ( abrasion), corneal ulcer and serious vision problems.

Prevention is better than cure. Get your eyes checked for dry eyes and get them treated appropriately.

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