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How is corneal ulcer treated : Treatment of corneal ulcer includes serious and suitable enemy of microbial treatment (decided after microbiological testing of corneal scrapings). On the off chance that clinical administration comes up short, medical procedure may must be finished. On the off chance that a corneal transfer is vital, the harmed or undesirable cornea tissue is taken out and clear benefactor cornea tissue is taken care of. 

Best Eye Clinic Sector 6 Noida

Following are the Treatment Modalities which are appropriate for Treatment of Corneal Disorders 
Prescriptions in Cornea : Infections of the cornea require microbiological testing and serious effective antimicrobial treatment (as the cornea is AVASCULAR and impacts of tablets doesn't arrive at the cornea appropriately). This is one of the Emergency circumstances in Ophthalmology. 

Best Eye Clinic In Noida Sector 6

Dry Eye and Computer Vision Clinic : Dryness because of consistent introduction to PC and portable screens and other way of life modifying circumstances, dryness optional to numerous untreated eye sicknesses currently contains standard conclusion and therapy 
We have Major and Mini dry eye workup appropriate to the patient's necessities which include MMP9 analytic test and other dry eye assessment techniques. 
In light of the workup results, the therapy is additionally bifurcated into clinical administration with the assistance of eye drops, dependable fitting impediment treatment. 

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What are different conditions for which a corneal transfer is done ? 
There are numerous conditions that can influence the lucidity/working of the cornea, and require a corneal transfer. They can be : 
Intrinsic : Related to shape (Keratoconus) and size (Microcornea/Megalocornea) 
Heriditary : Fuchs' dystrophy 

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