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Best Eye Clinic In Sector 5 Noida

What is Cornea ? : Clear forward portion (watch-glass) of the eye 
The cornea is the typically clear, front window of the eye that covers the shaded iris and round, dull understudy. Light is engaged while going through the cornea, permitting us to see. 
What is the capacity of cornea ? : A solid, clear cornea is fundamental for acceptable vision. It is the initial layer through which light is engaged into the eye. 

Best Eye Clinic Sector 5 Noida

CORNEA CLINIC IN NOIDA : The cornea is the straightforward Watch-glass-like structure before the eye. It has six layers as follows: Epithelium, Bowman's film, Stroma, DUA'S MEMBRANE-NEW Layer found as of late, Descemet's film, Endothelium. 
By what means would cornea be able to be influenced ? : If cornea is harmed or influenced by infection, it might get swollen or scarred, and its perfection and lucidity might be lost. Scars, expanding or a sporadic shape can make the cornea dissipate or twist light, bringing about glare or foggy vision. 

Best Eye Clinic In Noida Sector 5

Cornea is the initial refractive Surface through which light passes into the eye. Any variation from the norm in its shape/structure or clearness can influence vision. Cornea is inclined to outside wounds which can straightforwardly unfavorably influence the vision subsequently early and dire mediation in corneal sicknesses is likewise of prime significance. 

Best Eye Clinic Noida Sector 50

What is Corneal Ulcer ? : Any injury, contamination or unfamiliar body in the cornea can cause ulcer or disease of the cornea which can cause serious agony, redness, whiteness on the cornea and loss of vision. 

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