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The natural lens:
The natural lens, just like the cornea, makes sure that the sunshine rays which enter the attention are properly focussed on to the retina. This leads to a pointy image on the retina. The natural lens is transparent and clear which enables light to undergo it easily.

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What is Cataract?
Clouding or opacification of the natural lens is cataract. Cataract caused by adulthood (most commonly) or other reasons affects the clarity and therefore the acuity . The lens startes loosing its transparency and become transluscent then opaque. Cataract is that the commonest explanation for vision impairment and blindness within the world.

How are cataracts treated?
The cataract is treated by surgery. an eye fixed surgeon will remove your cloudy lens and in most cases, replace it with a transparent , man-made focusing lens (intraocular implant , or IOL).

The replacement implant remains permanently inside your eye and doesn't degrade.

Cataract surgery at 108 eye and health centre is typically each day care procedure, which suggests that you simply will head home on the day of your operation.

However, you'll wish to rearrange for somebody to remain overnight with you reception on the day of surgery.

What surgical procedures are available for cataract surgery?
Apart from conventional surgical methods, the foremost advanced technology PHACOEMULSIFICATION is that the most preferred mode of treatment.
It is highly safe, easy, efficient and restores good vision as compared to standard methods.

Is the surgery administered under local anaesthetic?
YES. 99.9 lawsuits are performed under local or topical anaesthesia . Rare cases may require general anaesthesia .

Can I have non-surgical methods of treating cataract?
NO. at the present only surgical correction is that the measure to treat cataract.

When will I be ready to see clearly after cataract surgery?
Most patients see good within each day or two after cataract surgery. Few patients may even see blur within the initial 1-2 weeks thanks to slower healing responses which improves over a period of few weeks

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