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Retina Treatment at 108 Eye and Health Center 


We offer progressed and exact indicative and treatment modalities for the whole scope of retinal illnesses. 

A patient with retinal issue because of diabetes, hypertension, vascular sickness and age related macular degeneration will require a widened assessment utilizing a 90 dioptre focal point and additionally with a 20 dioptre focal point( roundabout ophthalmoscopy). 

They might need to go through a fundus fluorescein angiography(FFA) and Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT). 

Treatment modalities incorporate laser photocoagulation, infusion of medications/inserts into the glassy hole or vitreo-retinal medical procedure. 

Glaucoma Treatment at 108 eye and health centre

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A patient with glaucoma has an expanded pressing factor in the eye(intra-visual pressing factor or IOP) which prompts harm to the optic nerve( glaucomatous optic neuropathy). 

The IOP is estimated both by non contact tonometry(NCT) and Goldmannapplanation tonometry. The corneal thickness is measured(pachymetry) to decide the revised IOP. 

The visual fields are plotted utilizing the Octopus 600 border by Haag-Streit 

The retinal nerve fiber layer thickness is estimated utilizing the Topcon 3D Optical Coherence Tomography(OCT) . 

This gives a precise image of the phase of glaucoma that the patient has and helps your Doctor in deciding the objective IOP that would forestall the patient's optic nerve harm from advancing. 

Glaucoma is typically overseen therapeutically( with eye drops), yet in the event that consistence to treatment is poor and additionally control with medicine is problematic, then, at that point surgery might be required. 

Glaucoma microsurgery is performed ina particular activity theater with laminar wind current office, the best according to activity theater rules by NABH(National Accreditation Board for Hospitals).

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